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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  December 6, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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today. the vatican released a advanced copy of first three tweets. just once i would like to sleep in sunday. i like my pope like my eggs, benedict. [ laughter ] >> bret: all right. maybe not. drop me a tweet at bret baier. let me know how bad that was. thanks for inviting me into your home tonight. that's it for special, fair, balanced and frayed. >> shepard: this is the fox report. tonight, egypt's president speaks but manages to say nothing to calm the angry protests over his grab of power. and he just got a phone call from president obama. serious concerns about syria and its chemical weapons. >> it's one of the deadliest nerve agents in all the world. now, officials say the syrian regime has prepared its saran
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gas and could possibly use it against its own people. the whole world is watching. the whole world is is watching very closely. >> they must not think about deploying these things. >> shepard: but what will it take to make a dictator back down? cops finally catch up with millionaire software mogul john mcafee. >> they are trying to arrest me for coming into the country illegal. >> shepard: they did. and then it got even weirder. tonight, what put mcafee in the hospital. but first from fox this thursday night. saran gas. a deadly nerve agent so deadly, in fact, a single drop could kill new a matter of minutes. and right now we're waiting to see whether the syrian president bashar assad is insane enough or evil enough to ignore warnings from the entire world and unleash that banned chemical weapon against his own people. last night, officials told fox news his forces have mixed the
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components for the saran gas. and now that that is done, saran has a shelf life of 60 days. use it or lose it and the senior u.s. military official says it looks like the syrians have placed the gas in breakable canisters that they could then drop from an aircraft. those canisters would then release the saran as a mist of deadly droplets that could potentially kill thousands of innocent civilian notice area. killing innocent people would be nothing new for this assad. ache atactivists estimate at let 40,000 people have died in the uprising that began early last year. this would mark a bloody new territory for even that dictator. >> we want to be very clear. we want to be very clear to the syrian government as its situation deteriorates, they must not think about deploying these things. they must not deploy them. >> shepard: reports suggest syria produces and stores its chemical weapons in five
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different locates across the country much the white house has warned if they use those weapons there will be consequences. we don't know what those consequences could involve. that's probably by design. team fox coverage begins now, james rosen live at the state department. one of syrians backers has been throughout the russians and now what may be an important development their support seems to be wavering, james. >> that's right, shep. good evening. the russian foreign minister sergei met with second clinton. also present was the special envoy to the syrian crisis whose work the russians have obstructed. they have worked closely as well as the ally of vladimir putin quoted as saying we have shared and do share in the opinion that the existing government in syria should carry out its functions. time has shown that this task is beyond its strength. another important session the so-called friends of syria set to gather in that rocco next
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week. western leaders will be using that session to it try to stand up a new syrian government, shep. >> shepard: james, turkey shares a long border with syria. and officials there have long worried about the conflict spilling across that border. today, the turks came a step closer to getting some extra protection, didn't they? >> that's right. the german cabinet as expected approved a move to provide antimissile systems to the turks. these u.s. manufactured patriot antimissile batteries will also come from the netherlands pending the expected approval from that country. assad's lieutenants called all of this laughable. >> in no way we can threaten a nato country and these are just the provocations and the further support for the conspiracy groups that are supported by the turkish government and by many european countries. >> that syrian leader also dismissed the idea that the regime would ever use chemical weapons on its own people equating that with suicide. shep? >> shepard: james rosen at the
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state department tonight. beginning our coverage. what makes president assad so dangerous right now is that he is desperate. there is a frightening idea that he may have little to lose by deploying chemical weapons. world leaders have called for assad to step down and have for a long time. its people have been rebelling against him for a year and a half now. opposition forces have turned their focus towards assad's power base in the capital of damascus, he has very few options remaining. so using whatever means he can to delay the inevitable might not seem like such a terrible idea to him. that's exactly what the people -- has people in washington so worried tonight. "the fox report" correspondent jonathan hunt son set tonight. do we know exactly where the united states is getting the intelligence information on these supposed chemical weapons? >> in a word, shep, no, because on the grounds that they don't want to compromise their intelligence sources u.s. officials aren't telling us. but those questions are being asked, particularly given the experiences we had with intelligence in the run-up to the iraq war in 2003.
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if we don't have our own resources on the ground from whom we are we getting this word that these chemical weapons are be prepared and how reliable are those sources? defense secretary leon panetta would not be drawn on that earlier today. listen. >> without commenting on the specific intelligence that we have with regard to these chemical weapons, i think there is no question that we remain very concerned. the intelligent that we have raises serious concerns that this is being considered. >> certainly the alarm is nothing surrounded this time around. several nations and the u.n. secretary general have repeatedly warned that this is a potential threat and repeatedly warn president assad not to go through it here. >> shepard: there is another thought and dangerous one that assad is just playing a game. >> the idea that he is finally completely desperate.
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is he realizing finally that he is now surrounded by the rebels in damascus. they are getting closer and closer to it ousting him. that ouster, if he stays there, would end in his death. so, this might be a final negotiating employee on the -- ploy on the part of president assad with the international community. listen. >> another way to look at it though, he wants russia and others to notice he is taking this potentially suicidal step in the hopes of one last diplomatic solution that so far he has been against. but he may now sees a his only hope. so maybe if russia is persuaded that assad is on the doorstep of defeat or suicide for that matter, effective suicide, that russia will finally help us do a deal to get a power sharing arrangement. >> so a power sharing arrangement or perhaps trying to get some sort of asylum deal. either way, if it's the threat of chemical weapons that he is using, it seems less about negotiation and more about blackmail, shep. >> shepard: jonathan hunt, thanks very much.
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>> a fox urgent and news developing right now. the white house has just informed us president obama called egypt's president today to express what the white house called deep concern over the deadly protests in cairo overnight. the white house says president obama praised the egyptian president mohammed morsi for offering to meet with his opponents this weekend but said that dialogue should come without any preconditions. one opposition group is already turning down that offer. here is how it is going over in cairo. [chanting] shch shep protest hers back on the street this overnight. military sealed off the presidential palace with tanks and bausched wire after the worst violence since president morsi took office in june. [explosions]
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700 dead and 600 hurt after battled outside the very presidential palace. police say the two sides threw rocks and fire bombs at each other. the protesters say they are outraged that the president in essence put himself above the law last month. president morsi helped negotiate the cease-fire between israel and hamas he is in charge of enforcing that agreement. tonight he went on egyptian television to call for calm in his own country. david lee miller in our middle east bureau now, david lee? >> shepard, as you mentioned, although one opposition group wasted no time in rejecting the president's offer for dialogue, the much larger coalition group, the national salvation front, says that it is now assessing what president morsi had to say. meanwhile, as for disputes with cairo at this hour, they are relatively calm and when i say relatively i'm thinking of the last 24 hours. over the last 24 hours we saw egyptian fight egyptian outside the presidential palace. this evening demonstrators continue to call for morsi to step down from office.
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also in the last few hours, the muslim brotherhood, which is linked to morsi their offices were set ablaze. and when he struck a partially conciliatory tone is he not backing down on referendum for new constitution based on islamic law at the expense of personal freedom. >> the nation is ready for the referendum on time. if the people agree, then they will start building institutions upon this foundation. if it is rejected, i will use my authority and duty to create a new constitutional assembly based on an agreement or on direct elections for a new assembly. >> and in his speech, he refused to rescind his recent decree, giving himself virtually absolute power. it is expected tomorrow, shepard, that there are going to be more mass demonstrations on the streets of cairo. back to you. >> shepard: david lee miller live from jerusalem. it's been quite a day tore the millionaire software inventor john mcafee. he was supposed to be headed back to belize now to face
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questions in one of his neighbor's death. but john mcafee hasn't gone to belouise. instead he headed to the hospital. a bizarre new development in an already very strange case. plus, why the man accused of pushing somebody in front of a new york city subway says it was really the victim's fault. that's ahead from the journalists of fox news on this thursday fox report. a hybrid? most are just no fun to drive.
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>> shepard: that one time on the run software mogul john mcafee was reportedly going back to belize to face questions about the death of one of his neighbors. he is in the hospital after reportedly suffering convulsions or heart attacks or chest pains depending on whom you are listening to while he was in custody. in any case, it is a strange and new turn in what is already an extraordinary saga. john mcafee is the millionaire many times over founder of the antivirus company that bears his name,
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mcafee. and his troubles really started last month back in belize. you see a neighbor complained about mcafee's dogs. then somebody poisoned those dogs. and then somebody killed the complaining neighbor. see how that works? didn't look good for mcafee. >> it was a cob convenient thing. the next door neighbor got killed. now we can do something, we can blame him. >> shepard: police in belize have called mcafee a person of interest in his neighbor's death. nobody calls them suspects anymore. they have been trying to question him except they haven't been able to find him at least until he popped up next door in guatemala a few days ago asking for asylum. >> at that point i decided i had to do something. i went under cover. i'm now here and i'm now going to speak out and i'm going to speak out big time. >> shepard: authorities in guatemala were less than welcoming. >> they are trying to arrest me for coming to the country illegally. nearly a move to keep me from doing my press conference. >> shepard: they did take him
4:16 pm
into custody and he was supposed to head back to belize until that detour to the hospital as i mentioned. phil keating tracking developments from the south florida newsroom. phil, some conflicting reports about this trip to hospital. >> yeah, the doctor who checked him out on the scene left outside talked to the media said mcafee's heart and blood pressure were normal but still within minutes, paramedics were there putting mcafee on a stretcher ushering him into an ambulance and wisconsining him off to the hospital as thed me adcircus barely got out of the way in time. the suddenly heart ailment is legitimate. >> he had two mild heart attacks last night. >> at what time? >> at dawn. >> but he has been updating his blog. >> i don't think a heart attack prevents one from using one's blog. i don't know anything about medicine. >> earlier mcafee had told reporters why he didn't go to the hospital himself last night and he said he doesn't trust western medicine relying
4:17 pm
on human compassion and chinese herbal therapy. >> bill: even while he was in detention today he was still blogginging away. >> yeah, apparently heas talking about on his blog good times guatemala. the guard guarding him there in guatemala city while he was in detention being denied asylum but awaiting transfer to belize. that guard laptop that's when the 67-year-old millionaire began posting online just as he has done for the past three weeks all while on the run and constantly changing disguises with 20-year-old girlfriend in tow. in final blog he pleads for help please email the president of guatemala beg him to allow the court system to proceed to determine my status in guatemala and please support the political asylum i'm asking for. please, please be very polite in your communications and i thank you. by all appear appearances at government of guatemala has made up his mind as soon as mcafee is out of the hospital e. will be on a plane headed
4:18 pm
back to belize. >> bill: he will need more than software. phil cight, thanks. still searching for a driver who ran over a helpless little girl and took off leaving her in the middle of the road. it happened earlier this week and surveillance cameras captured it. you will see the 7-year-old wander into the street and then the suv just slams right into her, drags her down the street before her mother and sister run over to try to help. >> he should have known that he hit somebody. he didn't stop. he didn't render aid. >> it was somebody's sister, she lives down the street. the car instead of stopping, he just left. >> shepard: he just left. she is in the hospital. injuries to her head and body. police say she will most likely recover. well, that homeless guy accused of pushing somebody in front of a subway here in new york city says the victim started it. amateur video captured the suspect on the right here yelling at a man on subway platform right in the middle
4:19 pm
of sometimes square. moments later the man on the left was down on the tracks. when a train barreled into the station, seconds later, it killed him. the suspect told reporters the victim attacked him first. but witnesses are giving conflicting accounts who instigated this whole thing. the suspect faces charges of second degree murder. hours ago mourners attended the victim's funeral. at a news conference yesterday the victim's daughter said her dad was always lending a hand to people and it would have been great had somebody tried to help him. and as her mom held up her father's photo, the daughter said she wished she had a last chance, just one last chance to tell her dad how much she loved him. doctors may soon have a new tool in the fight against memory loss that's associated with alzheimer's. through a pacemaker of sorts on your brain. this is new stuff. and we'll have the details in a potential break through according to doctors. and that's not only thing
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>> shepard: looks like new home for alzheimeir families. researchers report they are cautiously optimistic for a new treatment for the cruel disease that robs people of their memories. they claim that they are seeing promising results as they put it, including slight memory improvements among their test suspects. trace gallagher has more more more from our l.a. newsroom this afternoon. how does this work, trace? >> it's similar to a pacemaker for your heart, shep. only it's for your brain. they implant the device in your chest. two wires go up through the skin and into the skull and
4:24 pm
thin they go along the wiring of the brain. the natural wiring. then the wires deliver an electrical charge into the parts of the brain that you use for learning and for memory. here is a doctor, listen. >> what's exciting is our understanding of how memory works fits well with how this surgery might work. what we're hoping to see is improved memory and that people don't decline as fast as they would without the treatment. >> now, so far six canadian patients have gotten the implant and shown slight memory improvement. big time improvement when it comes to brainmen which is metabolism which is what use when you get alzheimer's. is the thinking this might replace alzheimer's drugs? >> no. they will ause this along with the drugs. truth is the alzheimer's drugs have not worked nearly as well as researchers have hoped. 5.2 million americans have
4:25 pm
alzheimer's. that's those over 6 a. doesn't include early onset alzheimer's by early 2050 could be as many as 16 million americans. women in a one in five risk mostly because they live longer than men. men have a one in ten risk. again, with treatments like we are seeing today, those numbers could change dramatically. shep? >> shepard: we can hope. trace gallagher in l.a. trace, thanks. your short-term memory could have an effect on how hungry you feel. that's according to a new study that appears in the science journal called plus one. now, hear this. the researchers say they fed volunteers bowls of soup but secretly refilled or drained some of those bowls. a few hours later folks who thought they only had a little bit of soup say they got hungrier sooner even when they ate more. in other words it's likely that our eyes are sometimes tricking our stomachs. a warning tonight for you taxpayers we could all be looking at a another bailout thanks to the housing crisis
4:26 pm
that is behind us, right? we'll tell you who might need our cash in a big way now. plus a tea party one time tea party hero is leaving congress. we will hear from senator jim demint and get reaction from across the aisle and tell you where he is going. a world leader just told her entire nation the myan calendar got it right. doomsday is two weeks from tomorrow. so do what you like. diarrhea, gas, bloating? yeah. one phillips' colon health probiotic cap each day helps defend against these digestive issues with three strains of good bacteria. approved! [ female announcer ] live the regular life. phillips'. ♪ but the fire is so delightful ♪ nothing melts away the cold like a hot, delicious bowl of chicken noodle soup from campbell's. ♪ let it snow, let it snow
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breaking newses the myans were right and the world will end later this month. guess who said that? the prime minister of australia announced it to the nation. but it was a spoof. >> my dear remaining fellow australians, the end of the world is coming. it turns out that the myan calendar was true, whether the final blow comes from flesh eating zombies, de'mon nic hill beasts or from the total triumph. if you know one thing about me, it is this: i will always fight for you to the very end. >> bill: and it was a spoof, apparently she was kidding. the prime minister made the video to promote a local radio show. the prime minister promoting a radio show. it already has more than a half million views on youtube. a spokesman for the prime minister called the video just a bit of fun for the end of the year. tell that to the people who are going out and doing everything -- never mind.
4:31 pm
prince william's pregnant wife kate is out of the hospital and she says she is feeling better, thank you. the royal couple posed for a photo as they left for their home in london. kate was admitted on monday with what they told us was a severe form of morning sickness. prince william is steaming after prank callers got through to kate's nurse. a call came from some radio dj in australia. again australia. one pretended to be the queen. good morning, this is nurse speaking how may i help you? >> i'm just >> shepard: a fake prince charles then joined. in the today the soon-to--be-granddad took it in style. listen. >> what's your reaction to the news about the duke and duchess of cambridge.
4:32 pm
>> another radio station. no, i'm through. >> shepard: he also said he is glad to hear his daughter-in-law is doing better. here he is. i'm shepard smith. this is the fox report. it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. president obama paying a visit to a family in virginia to make his case for his plan to keep us all from going right off that fiscal cliff. the president says he is optimistic that republicans will cut a deal to keep middle class taxes from going up 26 days from now. leaders in the g.o.p. say the president is forgetting about the other part of the deal. the spending cuts. let's get to ed henry live for us tonight. ed, what else did the president have to say today? >> well, shep, there is so much pessimism from the myan calendar and predictions i suppose to predictions congress can't get its act together and get this fiscal mess cleaned up. the president tried to have a different message. he is trying to say he is
4:33 pm
optimistic and thinks that when everyone has their say here over the next few days they are finally going to get a deal. take a listen. >> i'm not going to sign any package that somehow prevents the top rate from going up for folks at the top 2%. but i do remain optimistic that we can get something done that is good for families like this one and that is good for the american economy. >> now, the president expressing on michelle there. we are told as well that his staff and speaker boehner's staff have now sort of resumed an open line of communication to try to work this out. so that might be some sign of hope. on the other hand, president and the speaker have not gotten on the phone again yet. so, until they do that. we know we are not that close to a deal, shep. >> sherd: republic leaders are saying that the president is focusing too much on one side of the fiscal cliff balance. >> that's right. they say he is focused as you heard in that sound bite about taxes and that part of it. they are not hearing a lot about spending cuts which
4:34 pm
republicans obviously think is the big driver of the debt issue. when the president is now demanding that raising the nation's debt ceiling combined in this deal. what republicans like mitch mcconnell think is going on the president just wants to spend more money. listen. >> what the president is really interested in as we learned just yesterday, is getting as much taxpayer money as he can first by raising taxes on small business that he believes are making too much money and then on everybody else. not so he can lower the debt or the deficit but so he can spend to his heart's content. as a result some democrats have pushed the president to just raise the nation's debt ceiling on his own. they believe he has that executive power by invoking the 14th amendment of the constitution. but jay jay cancer carney the white house spokesman has studied that. they do not believe the president has that executive power. what that means they have got
4:35 pm
to go to congress to get the debt ceiling lifted the next couple of mons. that means the showdown is coming, shep. >> shepard: ed henry at the white house lawn. one critical republic who criticized house speaker john boehner over own party fiscal cliff honor says is he resigning. an important man, too. south carolina senator jim demint a key force behind the tea party movement. the founder of the tea party caucus in the senate and who predicted that the healthcare debate would be president obama's water loo. remember that? earlier this week he argued that speaker boehner's proposal tax hikes would destroy jobs. but senator demind says his resignation has nothing to do with the fiscal cliff. it's because he has accepted a job as president of the conservative think tank the heritage foundation. jim demint served three terms as a u.s. congressman from south carolina before voters first elected him to the senate in 2004. mike emanuel is on capitol hill tonight. it's a big resignation,.
4:36 pm
>> jim demint says is he leaving the senate, shep he is not leaving the fight. in fact, demint might be able to spend more time on issues he is most passionate about at the heritage foundation. he explained his thinking on "special report" a short time ago. >> i think i'm in a more powerful position than a single united states senator. i wouldn't feel good about leaving if we didn't have so many new bright young conservatives now in the senate. but it's time that conservatives take control of our message and let americans know what we can do to make their lives better. earlier fellow south carolina senator lindsey graham sounded truly shocked by the news. >> on a personal level, i have lost my colleague and friend, jim and i have known each other for almost 20 years now and i think we have done a pretty darn good job for south carolina. the time playing good cop and bad cop. the differences we have had have always been sincere. >> with demint leaving it is
4:37 pm
up to governor nikki haley to select a replacement. scott is thought to be a leading contender, is thought to be demint's replace him. he says it's up to the governor. there will be an election in 2014 for the seat. although they are political opposites the senate minority leader says demint is genuine. >> even though i disagree with so much of what he has done, i appreciate that i personally believe he does this out of a sense of real belief. it's not political posturing for him. i wish him well. other conservative voices on the senate. he will will take over as president of the heritage foundation next april, shep? >> shepard: pretty penny for that one. mike emanuel on the hill. thanks. taxpayers may end up tore forebailout. housing secretary says the
4:38 pm
federal housing administration is facing a deficit of $16 billion. fha insures all mortgages in the country. more and more homeowners are defaulting on those loans. the agency has planned to announce fees next year. the housing secretary says that probably won't be enough. taxpayers have already spent more than $135 billion. bailing out fannie mae and freddie mac. mortgage companies the government controls. by the way, the feds have now or now have a hand in almost 90% of home loans in the united states. peter barnes from fox business is in d.c. tonight. how much could this new bailout cost if it happens, pete? >> well, shep, the fha ensures more than a trillion dollars in riskier mortgages with low down payments. typically 3.5%. so many of its older loans are going bad that one critic, ed pinto of the american enterprise institute estimates that a full blown recappization could cost
4:39 pm
taxpayers $25 billion if combined with major reforms. that does not appear likely right now, especially with budget cuts coming in the battle over the fiscal cliff but the agency has an unlimited line of credit with the treasury department. today, the housing secretary could not rule out tapping it but he said those hire fha loan fees and other changes could head it off. >> based on all of that, do you expect a taxpayer bailout as we sit here today? if so, when? >> based on those stats, i believe we have significantly decreased the chance of having a bailout at the end of 2013 or having to draw on the treasury. i'm not going to assign a possibility at this -- probabilt this point. >> thinks the fha could end up tapping the treasury short-term for several billion dollars next year. shepard. >> shepard: when next year, pete, do we know. >> the devil rays session it will signal intentions on
4:40 pm
possible treasury funding for the fha when it releases budget for 2014 in february and will actually make a final decision on all of this next september. shepard? >> shepard: peter barnes on capitol hill, thanks. the man investigators unleashing terror inside a crowded colorado movie theater apparently had a heart after all. documents now that show james holmes had a girlfriend. and you know you are not allowed to drive if your blood alcohol level reaches a certain point. about .08 in certain places. what about your weed level? in the states where smoking pot is now legal. lawmakers are trying to decide how stoned is too stoned to drive the car? -- ♪ you can stay in and like something... ♪ [ car alarm deactivates ] ♪ ...or you can get out there with your family and actual like something.
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weeks before the aurora movie movie theater shooting he told a psychiatrist.
4:44 pm
the psychiatrist at the university of colorado decided not to put the suspect james holmes on a psychiatric hold. that despite campus police to have him locked up for 72 hours. six weeks later? july the suspect shot dead 12 people and wounded dozens more ambush sold out screening of a new batman movie. now the university is releasing thousands of emails that give new details on the suspect. one of them revealing he didn't have a girlfriend. didn't know that until now. alicia acuna in rocky mountain newsroom. that girlfriend wasn't in the picture at the time of the shooting. >> that's right, shep that's according to one of the he emails. this is described as a brief romantic relationship that happened in the fall prior to the massacre and apparently she was in india on july 20th when police say that james holmes walked into that aurora movie. we now know that holmes volunteered and quickly withdrew his name from a study involving brain images as well. we also see some the chaos as
4:45 pm
the university of colorado realizes the shooting suspect is a student. emails show warnings going out to the student body. about an incident in theater. eventually it reports the suspect is a neuroscience student. and in one email, the sender who was a person with a program informed students that therapists will be available and then asks them that they refer any media questions that they get to a spokesperson. then she ends the message with this. quote: in the meantime, i requesting and she skipped a word there, that you please not post anything on facebook, twitter, et cetera. also, shep, we did learn yesterday that the theater will reopen to the public for movies and all on january 17th. shep? >> alicia acuna in denver tonight. thanks. big legal changes in the state of washington. the governor there this morning signed the brand new law that makes gay marriage legal. hundreds of couples had already lined up outside the office of kings county auditor there is a three day waiting period. the first official gay weddings in the state won't
4:46 pm
happen until saturday. the state of washington today also became the first state to legalize marijuana for any old reason you want once you are 21 years old no prescription needed just get baked as the police department puts it. you will recall this all began last month when voters in washington state and in colorado each passed ballots that legalized weed. colorado's law has yet to take effect it is raising some interesting questions legally. among them, how cops might enforce laws against driving while stoned. in other words, how bakeside too baked to drive? william la jeunesse, how about it? >> like will alcohol, a lot of people smoke pot and drive. like too many martinis, too much pot makes for a bad driver. two questions. so how much pot is too much and how do cops know? well, washington state we're about to find out. >> you want to know why i pulled you over? littering and smoking the refer. >> driving while high, while legal research shows more
4:47 pm
drivers are toking up. studies like this one in europe show too much marijuana effects coordination and judgment. >> one of the first and most important being reduced ability to divide one's attention. >> pot is far left debilitating than argue many argue. new canadian study say those who drive within three hours of smoking pot are twice as likely to cause a crash. >> another we see driving under the influence of marijuana reduce the ability to perceive time and distance. >> how much is too much? >> i don't absolutely feel that we are on uncharted territory. i know we are for a fact on uncharted territory. >> severe level for pot in washington state where marijuana is now legal. the limit is 5 nano grams per blood sample. equal to alcohol. >> because we are still early on in the research stage, it's very difficult to determine whether or not that five than gram standard will change. similar to how the dui standards have evolved over
4:48 pm
the years. >> the problem is heavy users, though not impaired, can test positive weeks after smoking. also, what you smoke and how you smoke it effects people differently. so even experts don't know how much pot causes impairment. >> for anyone to be able to say that two hits or two dosages would get me five than grams, it is nearly impossible to make that determination. >> so a pipe, a joint, a bong, what you use and where and how that pot is grown all effect the level of thc in your blood and your fat and that shepard is, a problem for those heavy users who could test positive long after they stop smoking. that's why this five than gram level is likely to be challenged. >> shepard: who know what is a than gram is anyway. there is an interesting new federal report on immigration in the united states. it shows that hispanics are no longer the number one group coming here. who is the number one group? that's it. initiated.
4:49 pm
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>> for the third year in a row, thousands of hunters are prowling the woods of northern new jersey hoping to shoot and kill black bears. part of the state's bear management program, the six-day event is designed to reduce the number of animals and reduce the frequency of bear encounters with people. now we have a two or three thousand phone calls a year. bears break into houses that kill livestock and family pets. the population is sort of stressed. moving into more populated areas. and creating problems. need to control that. >> but there has been a sharp dropoff in kills this year. 193 in the first three days of the hunt verses 311 in the first three days last year. bears may have already gorged on food and laying low or critics say there is evidence there are fewer bears out
4:54 pm
there and the hunt is about trophies and not public safety. >> i have lived in bear country for over 10 years and i have never had any issues with black bears. >> but other people have? >> there has never been an incident, a serious incident in the state of new jersey with a black bear. not in its history. state wildlife officials will tell you that's the point. keep the population low and avoid dangerous confrontations with humans. while we don't have statewide numbers for the day. 10 more bears brought. in the largest 234 pounds. shep? >> shepard: the rest of them moved to washington and colorado. rick leventhal in jersey. thanks a lot. the grammy nominations are in. coming up, the number one album that didn't score a single nod and the one group pretty much guaranteed to have fun on grammy night next. creamy mash potatoes, homestyle gravy
4:55 pm
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>> shepard: next grammy awards
4:58 pm
will be a whole lot of fun ♪ tonight we are young. >> shepard: that's the pop band known as fun with a period. scored six grammy nods last night. in fact, fun could sweep the so-called big four awards for best new artist, best album of the year and song of the year with the smash hit we are young. the folk rock band mumford and sons and the singer frank ocean among the artist nominated six times. not good news for rihanna and drake shut out despite hit albums. grammys sometime in february. before we go team's top five things of the day. president obama and his family this evening lit the national christmas tree. no snow though. first family also released their official holiday card for 2012. number four, police in michigan released pepper spray to break up a prounion demonstration inside the state capitol. a judge had issued an order that said the protest was legal. computer software pioneer
4:59 pm
john mcafee hospitalized in guatemala hours after they arrested him. wanted for questioning about the murder of his neighbor in belouise. president obama called the egyptian president morsi expressing deep concern about all the violence there number one, secretary of defense leon panetta washed that intelligence shows the syrian regime is considering using its chemical weapons and that's "the fox report's" top five. on this day in 1884. workers put the finishing touches on a symbol of u.s. independence when construction crews installed an aluminum capstone at the top of the washington monument. 555 feet above the ground. it had been almost four decades since they laid the corner stone and more than a century since congress first approved a tribute to george washington. construction was stopped a number of times because of funding problems and then there was that matter of the civil war. but crews eventually did complete it. leaving a permanent mark on the skyline of